Pedunculated Hepatocellular Adenoma in an Accessory Lobe of Liver Presenting as Mesenteric mass: A Rare Case Report

International Journal of Research in Health Sciences,2013,1,3,227-230.
Published:October 2013
Type:Case Report
Author(s) affiliations:

Rajesh S Patil1, Sainath K.Andola2, Niraj Gupta3, Suresh Patil4, Sreekantha5, Remya6, Soumya R Patil7, Avinash SS8 

1,2- Department of pathology, MRMC, Gulberga, Karnataka, INDIA. 

3-PG, Department of pathology, MRMC, Gulberga, Karnataka, INDIA.  

4- Department of Surgery, MRMC, Gulberga, Karnataka, INDIA.  

5-Department of Biochemistry, NMC, Raichur, Karnataka, INDIA.  

6- Lecturer, Department of Anatomy, KSHEMA, Nitte University, Mangalore, Karnataka, INDIA. 

7-PG, Department of OBG,MRMC,Gulberga. 8- Department of Biochemistry, FMMC, Mangalore, Karnataka, INDIA. 


Accessory lobe of liver is an uncommon condition and ‘symptomatic heptocellular adenoma in an accessory lobe of liver’ is probably the first case. A 53 year old female patient presented with acute pain abdomen with history of recurrent pain abdomen since many years. USG & plain CT scan abdomen reported as right anterior abdomen mesentric adenoma. Intraoperatively surgeon found a mesentric mass (measuring 11x9x8 cm) with attached pedicle to liver inferiorly. On histopathological examination it is surprisingly found to be hepatocellular adenoma.

Mesentric mass with attached pedicle