A study on Mechanical Ocular Injuries in a Tertiary Government Hospital- Tirupati

International Journal of Research in Health Sciences,2013,1,3,186-193.
Published:October 2013
Type:Original Article
Author(s) affiliations:

Sidda Naik B1, Sushma M2, Shankar Reddy Dudala3

1-Professor (Ophthalmology), S.V.Medical College Tirupati, Andhrapradesh, 2-Senior Resident, 3-Assistant Professor in Community Medicine, S.V.Medical College Tirupati, Andhrapradesh, INDIA.


Eye injuries have been known since ancient times. Although nature has provided a protective bony wall and lids to cover the eye to protect it from injury, it is still exposed to all types of trauma. The role of ocular injuries in causation of blindness has been a subject of immense importance and will remain so because of the rapid industrialization and mechanized farming which is coining up in our country. Cross-sectional observational study. Patients attending the outpatient Department of Ophthalmology, SVRRGG Hospital, Tirupathi with a history of mechanical ocular injuries. A total of 187 patients with mechanical eye injuries have been enrolled. In the present study, 73.8% were male and 26.2% were female. The lens was involved in most cases and accounted for 42.2% cases while iris was involved in 59.4% cases, cornea was involved in 49.7%, Anterior Chamber was involved in 32.6% of cases and optic nerve was involved in 1.6%.

Distribution of ocular injured patients according to object causing injury (n=187)