Knowledge, attitude and practices of emergency contraception among female medical students of Andhra Medical College, Visakhapatnam

International Journal of Research in Health Sciences,2014,2,2,507-510.
Author(s) affiliations:

G.Venkat Lakshmi1, P Radha Kumari2, S. Appala Naidu

1Post graduate, 2Associate Professor, 3Professor & HOD

Dept of Community Medicine, Andhra medical College, Visakhapatnam, INDIA.


Background: Emergency contraception is contraception administered after unprotected sexual intercourse. However, despite increased access to emergency contraception over the past several years, many barriers still exist in regard to allowing emergency contraception to be widely available to women wishing to prevent unplanned pregnancies. The aim of the present study is to determine the knowledge, ever use and attitudes towards emergency contraception among the medical students in Visakhapatnam and compare the same between first MBBS and final MBBS female students. Objectives: 1. To know the socio-demographic profile of study population. 2. To know the knowledge and attitude towards emergency contraception among female medical students. Methodology: A cross sectional study conducted in 150 final MBBS and 100 first MBBS female students. The students were administered a pre-tested questionnaire and the results were analysed with the help of personal computer. Results: A total of 250 female MBBS students [150 final year and 100 first year] have participated in the study. More than 50% of students belonged to upper middle class with parents having education Graduation and above. Among final MBBS students, 95.3% had good knowledge on contraception compared to 79% of first MBBS students. In final MBBS students, 98% heard about Emergency contraception and 68% had good knowledge whereas in first MBBS students only 37% were ever heard with 6% knowledge and is found to be statistically significant .None of the students had ever used emergency contraception. Conclusion: Awareness on emergency contraception among final MBBS students was good when compared to first MBBS students.

Socio-demographic profile of the Students