Knowledge and Attitude of Mothers About Breastfeeding in Slum Population of Khammam Town

International Journal of Research in Health Sciences,2013,1,1,34-40.
Published:July 2013
Type:Original Article
Author(s) affiliations:

Kotiratnam K 1 

1District Surveillance Officer, Khammam, Telangana, INDIA.


Breastfeeding is the feeding of infant or young child with milk directly from a women’s breast, not from a baby bottle or other container. In all mammalian species the reproductive cycle comprises both pregnancy and breastfeeding: in the absence of latter, none of those species, including man could have survived. The present study was undertaken in urban slums of Khammam town. The practice of giving prelacteal feeds was more in class V and it was statistically significant. The association between prelacteal feeds giving and receipt of antenatal services was not statistically significant. There was no significant association between prelacteal feeding and place of delivery. Human breast milk is the best source of nourishment for human infants, preventing disease, promoting health and reducing health care costs.

Knowledge of exclusive breastfeeding